Startup the Party: Tokyo x SF

Immersive tech and digital arts conference in Japan

See you in 2015!

fantastic photographs of Tokyo by: Nobuhiko Otsuki & Keitaro Yamanaka


Recap of 2014

What is it?

A project-based tech, music, and arts conference in Tokyo and Labyrinth Music Festival

Who is it for?

Creative and humble entrepreneurs, developers, designers and managers coming together from SF and Tokyo

Why Tokyo?

This city is known for its exceptional food, fashion, and toilets. Local startups are prime to top that list.

Why now?

Finally, the Japanese government and corporations are welcoming and funding startups and teams
Startuping the Party SF x Tokyo Pechakucha Style

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Fresh Perspective x Startups = Revolution


Deep in the Naeba Forest is an intimate festival for 2,500 sound geeks and minimal techno aficionados from Tokyo, Berlin, London, New York and SF.


We’ll hit the streets of Tokyo from an ethnographer’s point of view then hack and prototype. Stay tuned for live PechaKucha talks.


The week rounds off with a deepdive into Japan’s exquisite craftsmanship by visiting artisans and explore Tokyo’s abandoned high-rises turned into art.

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