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Friday, September 12

Labyrinth-goers arrive in Tokyo

Arriving early has its merits!

September 13-15

Music: Labyrinth Music Festival Labyrinth

is an intimate 2,500 person music festival in Naeba, Niigata prefecture. This is a festival for sound geeks and minimal techno aficionados, pulling crowds from Berlin, New York, London and all over the world. Japanese music lovers don’t compromise on the quality of the sound or DJ line-up. Everything is top of the line and thought-out. Tickets sell out before the lineup is even announced, and the music always delivers. Come early and experience one of the best music festivals in Japan. (We will book a lodge for the 2 nights we are there and will arrange a shuttle depending on the # of confirmed attendees.) BRING: A sunny disposition and starry eyes. Raincoat, rain boots, sunglasses, flip flops, sweatshirt are recommended for schizophrenic mountain conditions. Be prepared to dance in the rain!

September 16-18

Technology: Workshops & Projects Get acquainted


Day 1 – Forum

Come ready for a crash course in Tokyo’s tech renaissance and the new Silicon Valley. Intros and panels sets the stage for a day out in Tokyo.

  • Panel: How can tech help bring positive change? What could we have done better?
  • Discussion: What cultural cultural barriers are easily overseen?
  • Show & tell: Individual rapid prototyping project
  • Teams: Breakout into groups for immersion day

9:00-9:30 : Gather @ Loftwork, Breakfast & Icebreaker

Come join the Participants and creatives at Loftwork

9:30-11:00 : Japan Panel Discussion

 Come join the Participants and creatives at Loftwork. Taro Kodama (former Facebook Japan Country Manager), Hannes Graah (Spotify Japan Country Manager), and more

11:00-11:15 : Break

a quick break.

11:15-12:30 : SF Panel Discussion

The spirit of Silicon Valley – Panel Discussion by Tim Wood, Arjun Banker, Katie Zacharian

12:30-13:30 : Lunch

Lunch Delivered

13:30-15:00 : Individual Rapid Prototyping Workshop

Individual rapid prototyping workshop by Pivotal Labs (SF)

15:00-16:00 : Break

 One more time to relax! Coffee for those jet lagged SF participants 

16:00-17:00 : Stanford Design Process Workshop

Hands-on Activity to warm up those Startup Minds 

17:00-19:00 : Free Time

Free time. Catch up on your day-to-day before dinner (Nap time @ the capsule hotel for the weak)

19:00-21:00 : Participant Dinner

Participant Dinner 

Day 2 – Immersion

Prepare to get swallowed whole. Venture into this vast city to observe and conduct ethnographic research, hack and create prototypes.

  • Explore, watch and learn how people move through Tokyo
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Dinner & Drinks at our Sponsor’s Office

9:00-9:30 : Gather @ Loftwork, Breakfast

Gather @ Loftwork, Breakfast

9:30-10:30 : Teams & Topics

Break out in to teams of 3-4. Each team will receive a topic, data, or problem to be tackled during the next 36 hours

10:30-16:30 : Ethnographic Research

Teams of SFxTokyo explore the streets of Tokyo to watch, feel, and listen to the real life problems worth solving 

16:30-18:30 : Janice Fraser - Synthesis Activities @ Goodpatch

Work with Lean UX and process specialist Janice Fraser to learn idea-> Synthesis @ The newly completed Goodpatch office

19:00-21:00 : Networking Dinner

Networking Dinner @ Shibuya’s finest


Day 3 – Presentation

Spend the last day gathering personal and team insights to a captive PechaKucha audience. Their events draw 150-200 inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs. Click “join” on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/842151585795259/

  • Share insights and findings
  • Prepare and practice presentation
  • Pechakucha Presentation
  • Public Vote on best Solution

9:00-9:30 : Vision & Recap

Why Startup the Party? a quick recap of the conference by Alisaun Binder

9:30-17:30 : Hackathon

WORK WORK WORK! TEST TEST TEST! get those ideas flushed out and ready to present to the public

17:30-19:00 : Dinner Break

Calm before the storm. Go grab a bite with your team to do some final prep work before the presentation

19:30-22:00 : PechaKucha Presentation

Quick, Fast, and Fun 20×20 PechaKucha Style Presentation @ SuperDeluxe Roppongi. 

22:00 : After Party

Secret After party for the Participants! 


September 19-21

Art: Exploration & Immersion

Japan is unique for its art and craftsmanship, old and new. The last day will be spent visiting museums and meeting local artists. Those who plan to spend the weekend in Japan can visit the beautiful, traditional city of Hida Takayama in Gifu Prefecture.

Get involved

Commitments by July 1. We’re starting small so we can get the
details right to make this a meaningful and fantastic experience for everyone.

Questions? We are more than happy to help you get everything setup

Japan has the best public transportation system, it’s SUPER CLEAN, and full extremely polite/friendly people. Experience Japan and see how you might be able to influence it’s Startup scene


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